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SI-1455SR Impact Wrench

1/2" Impact Wrench


Stubby and High Power, 740Nm of maximum torque

SI-1490BSR Impact Wrench

1/2" Impact Wrench


850Nm of maximum torque with 4 Position Speed selector

SI-1550SR Impact Wrench

3/4" Impact Wrench


1650Nm of maximum torque, Fwd/Rev selector with rubber grip

SI-1218EX_Ratchet Wrench

3/8" Ratchet Wrench


Double mold composite cover for added vibration and cold temp. protection

SI-1340EX Ratchet Wrench

3/8" Ratchet Wrench


Premium quality ratchet wrench with rear exhaust and composite body cover

SI-1241A Ratchet Wrench

3/8" Ratchet Wrench


Swivel head with 9 levels with socket lock mechanism

SI-2740 Belt Sander

Belt Sander


10mm sanding belt sander with 160 degree adjustable sanding arm

SI-3101LG Dual Action Sander

Dual Action Sander


Low center of gravity, super light weight and easy to grip

SI-2026 Disc Sander

Disc Sander


Angle head disc sander for 5" disc. Perfect for general sanding and polishing

SI-2108EX Mini Dual Action Sander

Mini Dual Action Sander


Angle head dual action sander with 3" pad. High durable gears for long time use

SI-2210 Disc Sander

Disc Sander


High Speed disc sander with easy, one hand operation

SI-2201_Roloc Sander

Roloc Sander


Designed for direct mounting of 3M Roloc Pad

SI-1166A Screw Driver

Screw Driver


6mm capacity pistol grip screw driver with adjustable clutch

SI-5305A Reversible Drill

Reversible Drill


3/8" capacity geared pistol grip reversible drill with handy reverse mechanism

SI-5305-8A Reversible Drill

Reversible Drill (8A)


1/2" capacity geared pistol grip, 800rpm on low speed. Side Handle

SI-5355 Angle Drill

Angle Drill


3/8" capacity geared angle head. Perfect for drilling in confined places

SI-5355 Angle Drill

Angle Drill (5360)


58mm head height and high tolerance bearings. Perfect for confined places

SI-5506 Reversible Drill

Reversible Drill (5506)


Super light weight and compact design with solid composite body

SI-2221 Mini Polisher

Mini Polisher (2221)


Geared polisher with 3" Velcro pad, light and compact body

SI-2009EX Mini Polisher

Mini Polisher (2009EX)


Hand adjustable regulator for easy speed control

SI-4730 Air Mechanical Saw

Air Mechanical Saw


Rotary motor with smooth operation, low vibration and low noise

SI-4710 Air Saw

Air Saw


Air saw & file with multi-use saw blades and 3 different files. High Power

SI-4740 Air Saw

Air Saw


Air saw with 360 degree swivel regulator

SI-4120A Air Hammer

Air Hammer


Pistol Grip air hammer for 10.2mm diameter chisels (.401" shank). High Speed

SI-2012EX Die Grinder

Die Grinder


Medium body size die grinder, compact and lightweight

SI-2005HD Angle Die Grinder

Angle Die Grinder


Small body size, angle head die grinder with polymer grip cover

SI-2022S Straight Die Grinder

Straight Die Grinder


Die ginder with extended shaft. 1/4" & 6mm collets available

SI-2520L Angle Disc Grinder

Angle Disc Grinder


5" Disc Grinder with safery lever throttle and 14mm thread spindle

SI-2033 Cut Off Grinder

Cut off Grinder


A straight grinder designed for 3" cut off discs. For cutting sheet metal or pipe

SI-AG5-E4L 5 inch Disc Grinder

5" Disc Grinder


Angled disc grinder for 5" plates. 800 watt motor


SI-AG7-E5L 7 inch Disc Grinder

7" Disc Grinder


Angled disc grinder for 7" plates. 1,000 watt motor


SI-SG3-CL-Q Straight Die Grinder

Straight Die Grinder


Mid-mounted bearing assembly & long drive allows access to snug areas


SI-2002EX Mini Die Grinder

Mini Die Grinder


Compact, lightweight with feather touch throttle lever for easy operation

SI-2008ME Angle Head Mini Sander

MOON Equipped
Mini Sander


Angle head sander with 2 pads. Light and compact

SI-2002ME Mini Die Grinder

MOON Equipped
Mini Die Grinder


Compact, Lightweight and ergonomic with feather touch throttle

SI-2108ME Mini Dual Action Sander

MOON Equipped
Mini Dual Action Sander


Angle head dual action sander with 3" pad suitable for small area sanding

SI-2009ME Mini Polisher

MOON Equipped
Mini Polisher


Compact Body Design, 3" pad size